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One membership. Unlimited guidance. Zero stress.

Where happiness meets health

Giving your pet what they want, and need.

1:1 vet-led guidance and pet coaching for every stage of your pet’s life!

At KONG, we trust AskVet to keep our four-legged family members healthy. Together, we bring you the only pet care membership focused on your pet’s happiness and health.

KONG Club Membership – only $9.98/mo!

how it works

Kitty KONG

1. Subscribe

Tell us a little bit about your pet and check out your KONG Club portal on the website or in the KONG Club mobile app.

2. Meet With Your Pet Coach

Set up a a 1:1 session to help us get to know you and  your pet! You can meet as many times as you like and your coach will create personalized wellness plans with you.

3. Check Out The Community

Come on into the AskVet Clubhouse and share frustrations, joys and advice with other pet parents

4. Continue the Fun

Check-in with our 24/7 vet support team and your pet coach for answers, training, enrichment, behavior  support, and more.


Why Choose KONG Club

Pet Enrichment

Pet Lifestyle Plans designed to satisfy all your pets’ instinctual needs (and reduce your frustrations!)

24/7 vet guidance

Peace of mind with veterinary support and advice  when you are not sure what to do for your pet.

training + Wellness

1: 1 behavior, training, nutrition and care support to guide you through every step of your pet parenting journey.


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