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Keeping Your Cat Happy With a Monthly Subscription Box

Cats are curious; it is in their very nature. When you look at your cat, they are probably in the middle of snoozing the day away. Every now and then, your cat will be awake and be ready to play. When that happens, they are likely to quickly and thoroughly investigate any new item that enters their domain.

Yet, just as quickly as a cat becomes riveted with a new item, they can easily find themselves bored soon after. This is why it is so important to keep finding new ways to engage with your cat. An under-stimulated kitty is a bored kitty, and a bored kitty is one who could become loud, distracting, or even unintentionally destructive.

It’s integral to provide your pet with a variety of new cat toys to keep their days exciting. Otherwise, the only limits to what could happen are your cat’s imagination.

This responsibility can be somewhat taxing on cat lovers or pet parents of all kinds. After all, cats can’t exactly scroll the internet with us and point to what they want.

So, let’s discuss how a subscription box can make a big (adorable) difference.

What Does a Cat Need To Be Happy?

It should go without saying that individual cats will have their own individual needs. That being said, there are some constants that will greatly increase any cat’s quality of life.

First, cats are likely to want different amounts of attention from their pet parents, depending on their mood. Sometimes your kitty might want nothing more than to snuggle up with you on the couch. Other times, your cat might just want you to watch them eat. Why cats enjoy us watching them eat is truly one of the great mysteries of being cat parents.

Then, there are those occasions when your cat is ready for a thorough play session. Playing with your cat is essential for their weight and muscle tone and satisfies their natural instincts (more on that later). The many benefits of playing with your cat can go much deeper than just that.

When you play with your cat, you facilitate an even stronger bond between the two of you. At the same time, you are also helping your cat feel mentally stimulated, preventing them from getting bored. One of the best ways is to introduce new toys into your cat’s rotation regularly.

Is Variety Important to Cats?

When it comes to items like toys, cats can become used to objects fairly quickly. At that time, give them new options to play with. In this way, a cat subscription box can make cat parenthood a much more streamlined process.

In the case of items like toys, catnip, and cat treats, your pet will be excited by some variety. At the same time, you should always be sure to keep their favorite toys and delicious, natural treats within reach. When it comes to their cat food (whether it is dry or a wet can of food), be sure to talk with their veterinarians before making a major change.

Seeing your cat play with an unexpected extra toy or their curiosity piqued by that first box can make a huge change for the better. Your cat will be ready to meow for joy as the fun gadgets arrive at the doorstep with their monthly plan.

Balancing Your Cat’s Desire for Routine With Their Need for Mental Stimulation

You have probably noticed that your cat is a creature of habit. Many cats will voice their displeasure if it is a minute past when they usually get their dinner. On a larger scale, life changes like moving houses can be a stressful time for cats.

Since different cats can have opposing desires based on breeds, no two breeds are alike. Apps like the KONG Club can help you understand your cat’s play style and which instincts drive them most strongly.

Plus, with the app, you can work with veterinary professionals, animal behavior experts, and animal nutrition experts to ensure that everything in your cat’s life is up to scratch.

What Is in a Subscription Box?

KONG Club cat subscription boxes come complete with a variety of toys and treats that help address a monthly feline wellness topic. Each monthly theme is carefully curated to improve your cat’s overall wellbeing.

Just like when writing the perfect birthday card, personalization is key. That’s why all our items have been hand-selected to benefit your cat’s quality of life.

Which Cat Boxes Are Best?

The absolute best kinds of cat boxes, whether they are via subscription service or otherwise, are the ones that truly consider your cat’s wellbeing.

This is why KONG Club monthly subscription boxes always have a topic thoroughly selected by animal care professionals. Rather than just being cute (although they’re definitely that too), KONG Club boxes are made to improve your cat’s daily life by satisfying their natural instincts — like hunting, pouncing, and scratching.

What Are the Benefits of a Cat Subscription Box?

Though we have touched on this a little throughout the article, the idea certainly bears repeating. The best cat subscription boxes benefit both cats and humans alike.

This kind of high-quality monthly box can alleviate some stress from any pet parent’s mind. When your cat always has something purrfect and exciting to play with, you know they won’t end up using your home decor pieces as scratchers.

These benefits become even more apparent when you consider the central pillars of each themed box.

Different Themes Can Cater to Your Cat’s Needs

Each new KONG Club subscription box that you and your cat receive is centered around a different theme. These themes vary from month to month and are crafted to benefit your pet’s physical and mental health.

Your fun box contains items like toys, catnip, and recipes that enhance the theme of the month. These themes take on a variety of health-related topics that will benefit both you and your pet in the long run.

Just some of these wellness building blocks include:

  • Nutrition
  • Emotional wellness
  • Environmental challenges
  • Behavior
  • Preventative care
  • Exercise and play

Properly balanced needs are crucial to having a healthy and happy cat. Your cat’s needs may also change as they grow and adapt over time. It is possible that they could become more or less comfortable with their surroundings. Having a subscription box to look forward to just for your cat can create some excitement for your tiny feline predator.

The right subscription box can also help your cat let out their natural instincts in a healthy way.

How Can the KONG Club Subscription Box Engage Your Cat’s Natural Instincts?

Each KONG Club subscription box is specifically and carefully made to address cats’ many different needs and wants. The plentiful mental benefits of playing with your cat can often be overlooked for humans and cats.

Us humans get to enjoy lower stress levels and more feelings of contentment when we interact with our pets through play. This article isn’t about us, though. It’s about our furry feline friends! So how do they mentally benefit from playtime?

When cats play, they are using their instincts in a nondestructive, enriching, and just plain adorable way. If you need any proof of your cat’s natural-born instincts, look no further than the behaviors of big cats all over the world. While hunting, chasing, pouncing, and attentive watching are all crucial parts of the process.

Your sweet kitty who spends the vast majority of the day sleeping in their cat bungalow might not seem like an apex predator, but those instincts are still there. By playing with the right fun toys, your cat can feel both invigorated and comforted.

How Does the KONG Club Subscription Box Help Your Cat Learn Productive Behaviors?

Engaging in play is also profoundly important to cats’ mental wellbeing. Every KONG Club box caters to another one of your cat’s needs. Some will have more to do with play and exercise, and others will focus on nutrition.

By giving your cat luxury items that were made explicitly for them to play with, your bond with one another gets stronger.

Plus, why would a cat bother with your favorite t-shirt when there is an even more cuddly bumblebee stuffed with catnip right there?

What’s in the Box?

Cats are inherently curious, meaning that they are always looking to explore and discover new items. Perhaps your cat is sniffing around looking for an exciting mouse toy, a delicious new treat, or simply another way to engage with their favorite person– you.

No matter what your cat is searching for, a subscription box is a wonderful way to lovingly provide your pet with a variety of mentally stimulating goodies. With quality cat toys from a subscription plan, a single cat or multi-cat household is bound to reap real rewards.

There are so many reasons for us to love cats, and now there are so many more ways to show that love than ever before.


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