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10 Reasons Your Pup Needs a Dog Subscription Box

Perhaps you are the proud parent of a herd of small dogs, or maybe you prefer to keep the company of a Great Dane or two. No matter what type of pet you have, a subscription box can do wonders to keep your dog healthy and happy (and bring some light to your life, too!).

What exactly are the benefits of a dog subscription box? Well, we are so glad that you asked.

1. New Toys Keep Dogs Entertained

A dog subscription box is a carefully-curated tool box delivered to your door that ensures your dog has everything they need to nurture their natural instincts, stay mentally and physically stimulated, and promotes bonding between dogs and dog lovers.

As a result, it is important that our dogs regularly have access to toys to play with, new and old. Consider your dog’s size, breed, age, and preferred playstyle when determining the right play regimen for them. All of these factors will also be considered when you and your pup receive your KONG Club Dog Subscription Box.

2. Enough Excitement and Exercise During the Day Will Help Them Relax

We might all want nothing more than some time to relax, but our dogs are often the opposite. This is why the phenomenon of zoomies is so common. Have you ever witnessed your pup sprint around the house at three o’clock in the morning for seemingly no reason? Perhaps this is because they were not entertained enough during the day.

Dogs need to get enough exercise during the day, or else they might have an abundance of energy at inopportune times. You may already take your dog on regular walks, but they still do not seem to be tired out. Whether you have a hyped-up puppy or an adult dog who enjoys running around, you might want to add some playtime into the mix.

In the case of puppies, it is generally better to offer them multiple play and exercise sessions throughout the day rather than one large one. Their bodies are still developing, and an overly long walk could put stress on their systems, joints, and growing bones. Shorter and more frequent bursts of exercise will give your puppy the opportunity to get rid of some energy in a way that is healthy for them.

Once your dog has entered the wonders of canine adulthood, some of their puppy energy will likely dissipate with time. This perfectly natural process might even be a blessing for some pet parents who are ready for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Now that your furry friend is older, they can handle longer play sessions with tougher toys.

3. Different Monthly Themes Can Help Your Dog Thrive

Each and every KONG dog subscription box comes complete with new products like treats and toys that address the natural instincts and various play styles of canines. This is likely enough to get your dog excited, but dog parents can also have fun with each month’s theme. These themed boxes are specifically centered around doggy wellness.

All of the delicious recipes (mmm… handmade stuffing for toys) and durable KONG toys are parts of cultivated collections made to address the key building blocks of dog wellness.

These pillars of wellness include:

  • Nutrition
  • Emotional wellness
  • Environmental challenges
  • Behavior
  • Preventative care
  • Exercise and play

4. A Monthly Subscription Box Allows Dogs To Explore Their Natural Instincts

While it might be difficult to see while your dog is rolling over asking for belly rubs, they are descendants of mighty hunters. They have a wide variety of instincts passed down from their wolf ancestors that should be engaged regularly — chewing, hunting, fetching, and more.

The best dog subscription boxes allow your pup to truly be themselves. Luckily, KONG Club has a month-by-month plan that lets your dog do just that.

5. Your Dog Will Learn Proper Behaviors From Their First Box Onward

If your dog is a chewer, they will find something to chew whether you like it or not. The best way to teach your dog proper behaviors is to provide them with all of the chews they need.

The iconic toy for chewers is the Kong® Classic. Fill it with dog-safe peanut butter or natural treats for a chewy, fun time. This toy encourages self-play but also makes for wild games of fetch with an unpredictable bounce.

The presence of your dog’s natural instincts is an indicator of their long, storied family history. Luckily, we can teach them how to use these instincts healthily. Be sure to offer them dog treats when they use toys correctly to incentivize them even more!

6. Mental Stimulation Will Prevent Your Pet From Becoming Bored

Not only is an abundance of exercise crucial for helping your dog sleep at night, but it is also integral for keeping them content during the day. Without enough toys to play with and items to interact with, your pup could easily become bored. Boredom is one of the biggest enemies of any dog, dog mom, dog dad, or pet parent.

If you hand off a mentally stimulating toy like the Treat Spiral Stick, they can exercise their brain and their bodies. This toy helps satisfy foraging instincts all while looking like chic modern art displayed on the floor of your home.

7. A Bored Dog Is a Potentially Destructive Dog

Your understimulated dog could potentially start whining, scratching at your door, or making other kinds of noise to get your attention. It likely will not take long for them to begin looking for other sources of entertainment. A dog without the proper toys will not stop playing; they will simply search for alternative kinds of toys.

These “alternative toys” could be any number of your personal belongings. From shoes to treasured family heirlooms to all sorts of gadgets, your dog might start to see them as playthings.

Your dog doesn’t just need toys; they need a fresh selection to avoid boredom. Otherwise, you never know what your furry friend might just find their way into.

Boredom is one of the main factors that drive destructive behavior, including eating your favorite shoes.

8. A Subscription Box Helps You and Your Pup Branch Out

It is true that dogs are creatures of habit, and so are many humans. With that in mind, there is always a benefit to be gained from trying something new. Sometimes, we can get so bogged down in our routines that we forget there is a world of new opportunities and experiences out there. This concept can also be true for our dogs.

While major life changes should be introduced gently to your dog, variety is still the spice of life. Small changes like a slightly different walking route or offering new toys and treats (more on that soon) help to energize pets.

Of course, there might be major unavoidable changes for you and your pup. When this happens, be sure to reach out to your dog’s veterinarians for their advice on the upcoming transition. This also applies when making changes that only affect your pet, such as changing their dog food.

By branching out from the norm, you might just see new parts of your dog’s personality come to light. Perhaps they are especially fond of a type of toy you never considered giving them before.

At the same time, maybe they will find a new favorite treat that gets them especially motivated. Maybe you will discover a love of making customizable dog treats for your furry friend!

9. Finding a New High-Reward Treat Can Make Training a Breeze

Each one of KONG Club’s dog subscription boxes comes with treats to help your pet thrive. Sometimes, these will come in the form of individual treats to be offered when your pet performs the desired behavior. Other times, you and your pet may receive treat fillings that work perfectly in fillable toys.

If you have a very food-motivated dog, then you know firsthand just how effective training with treats can be. You might think that you have already found your dog’s favorite treat in the world, but the truth is that you never know.

By trying new things together, you could easily find a treat that gets your dog ready to sit, lay down, or roll over with the best of them.

10. It Is Often Hard To Find High-Quality, Durable Toys

We all know that finding high-quality, tough toys for dogs can be challenging. One of the best things about the KONG Club subscription box is that KONG toys are designed for extra durability and the highest levels of quality. For example, all stuffed toys have five rows of top-stitching, offering quality dog toys that are just right for your dog.

If you have a tough chewer or even several heavy chewers, know that there are options that address all of your needs, like our line of toys just for Extreme Chewers.

A Doggone Good Time

As dog lovers, we all want the very best for our pets. Thankfully, dog subscription boxes provide a convenient and adorable option.

With the KONG Club Dog Subscription Box (or the Cat Subscription Box), you (and your pet) will receive new treats, toys, and more every month centering on helping your dog access their inner wolf to be the perfect puppy and housemate.

Plus, with the KONG Club App, you can access 24/7 help with pet coaches, trainers, and vets for immediate advice whenever you need it.


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