As a subscriber to Vet24seven, Inc.’s (“KONG Club” “AskVet”, “we” or “our”) membership services (each, a “KONG Club” Membership”), each Pet Owner (“PO” or “you”) will be eligible to participate in AskVet’s Rainy Day Fund (“RDF”) as a benefit to your KONG Club Membership. The RDF provides Eligible POs (as defined below) with an opportunity to accumulate and reserve emergency funds up to a maximum of $1,000 over any 24-month period (the “Reserve Fund”). The Reserve Fund can be used for eligible expenses incurred while taking your pet(s) to an emergency clinic in accordance with these RDF Terms.

Upon Membership sign up, KONG Club will add $45 (the “Monthly Allotment”) to the Eligible POs Rainy Day Fund. After an initial 7-day waiting period, PO may access their fund for use in an Eligible Emergency. This amount will continue to accumulate each month upon monthly membership anniversary and thereafter as long as PO maintains their KONG Club Membership, up to (i) $540 for any 12-month period and (ii) $1000 for any 24-month period (collectively, the “Caps”). If the Reserve Fund is spent in accordance with these RDF Terms and the total accumulated Reserved Fund falls below $540 for any 12-month period or $1,000 for any 24-month period, then the Eligible PO will start accumulating the Monthly Allotment again starting in the calendar month in which the Reserve Fund falls below the Caps.

When you have a pet emergency, you must take the following steps in order to access and use the available Reserve Fund towards your pet’s emergency:

  1. Sign into your KONG Club account within the app.
  2. Choose ‘Chat Now’ to connect to a Veterinarian right away.
  3. If the Vet determines that the situation qualifies as an “Eligible Emergency” (see definition and eligibility criteria below) during your Vet Chat, the Vet will alert you to go to an emergency clinic with your pet. The Vet will tag your session as ‘Refer to Emergency Clinic’ in our system to alert the Member Services team that a potential eligible claim may be made.
  4. You will not be eligible to access the Reserve Fund if the pet has been admitted to the emergency room or clinic prior to the completion of your Vet Chat. Based on the information you provide in the Vet Chat and our records of your prior Vet Chat consults, our vets have discretion to determine if your pet needs emergency or immediate care and if the situation qualifies for using the Reserve Fund. Each situation and each pet is unique, and determining the urgency depends heavily on breed, age, weight and other characteristics, as well as the circumstances of the injury or illness.
  5. You must check your injured or sick pet into a veterinary emergency room or clinic within 10 hours following the conclusion of your Vet Chat.
  6. When the visit is complete, pay your hospital bill. Within 24 hours of the hospital visit, email your invoice with proof of payment to: [email protected] Our Member Support team will review your invoice. Upon approval, AskVet will provide payment to you via check within 10 business days in the amount up to your available Rainy Day Fund balance. If Member Support has any questions, they will contact you directly.
  7. The Reserve Fund can only be used for the initial Eligible Emergency and cannot be used for subsequent or follow-up visits.


  1. To be eligible for payment, your Vet Chat session must have been tagged as “Refer to Emergency Clinic” during the online chat.
  2. Upon receipt of the paid invoice, the KONG Club Member Support team must also be able to confirm the following information on the invoice:
    a. Pet owner name and pet name
    b. Diagnosis of pet
    c. Date and time of check-in at emergency clinic was within 10 hours of Vet Chat conclusion
    d. Emergency room or clinic is a veterinary service provider and has a valid location in North America
    e. The amount paid for the services provided by the emergency clinic
  3. Upon approval, AskVet will provide payment to you via check within 10 business days up to your Rainy Day Fund balance at the time of services.CERTAIN DEFINITIONS AND TERMS
    An “Eligible Emergency” is any serious and unexpected injury, illness or other potentially life-threatening situation, including, but not limited to, severe bleeding or choking or gagging, difficulty breathing, non-stop coughing, inability to urinate or pass feces or obvious pain associated with urinating or passing stool, eye injuries, seizures and/or staggering, suspicion that your pet has consumed something poisonous, fractured bones, severe lameness or inability to move legs, heat stroke, severe vomiting or diarrhea, refusal to drink water, unconsciousness. Eligible Emergencies do not include regular check-ups, vaccinations, scheduled veterinary appointments, wellness visits, routine procedures, planned surgeries, any follow-up care for an Eligible Emergency after the initial emergency room or clinic visit or any emergencies due to owner negligence. An injury, illness or other life-threatening situation will not qualify as an Eligible Emergency if our vets have previously recommended a visit to your vet clinic and you failed to comply.

    An “Eligible PO” is a current subscriber to AskVet’s subscription services who is in good standing and current on all payments to AskVet. Certain customers using AskVet’s services in connection with promotional offers provided by our partners may also be eligible, if the promotional offer terms include the RDF as a benefit.


        1. The RDF cannot be used or accessed in the first 7 days of your AskVet Membership.
        2. The Reserve Fund can be used for any pet registered under your account. You may be required to show proof of ownership of your pet.
        3. Each Eligible PO is only allowed to receive benefits and accumulate funds for one Reserve Fund.
        4. The Reserve Fund and RDF access and usage are not transferable to any third parties or their pets.
        5. If you suspend, cancel or terminate your AskVet Membership, a seven day grace period will begin on the date of membership termination. By renewing your membership subscription within that 7 days, your balance will be reinstated. Until renewal, the Reserve Fund will be inaccessible. If you have not renewed your subscription during that time, your Reserve Fund will expire.
        6. The Reserve Fund is not cash or a cash equivalent, has no cash value, and is not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents. Upon membership cancellation and after the 7-day grace period, the Reserve Fund resets to zero. At no time can the Reserve fund be cashed out.
        7. AskVet reserves the right to review all Reserve Fund usage and payment requests.
        8. Ask Vet reserves the right to terminate, amend or revise the RDF and any of its terms and conditions in its sole discretion. If the RDF is terminated by AskVet for any reason, you will no longer accumulate Monthly Allotments as of the end of the calendar month of such termination notice, and any then-remaining available balance of your Reserve Fund will remain available for use in accordance with these RDF Terms until the earlier of (i) the date the available balance is zero and (ii) [1] year following notice from AskVet of the termination of the RDF.
        9. Waiting for or delaying medical care in certain cases can result in an unnecessary harm or emergency for your pet. We do not recommend or support such medical negligence.


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