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5 Extremely Calm Dogs That Like to Relax

There’s really nothing like relaxing next to a warm fire at night, reading a good book, and feeling the fur of your best friend curled up at your feet. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing your furry buddy greet you with a doggy smile and perhaps a little kiss to welcome you into the day. For a lot of people, there’s nothing like knowing that your dog is calm, cool, and relaxed almost all of the time, as that’s reassuring with regards to how it’s going to interact with new people, with kids, and with other dogs. Most people, if given the choice when searching for a dog, would prefer a calm dog that will go about its business with an even keel instead of one that can display wild variances in its temperament.

If you’re one of those people, then you should do some research with regard to different types of dogs. KONG has been working with dog lovers for nearly 50 years, and below we’re going to provide you with five examples of extremely calm dogs that like to relax. However, there is a disclaimer that we should make sure you see: While breeds are the most logical way to describe dogs on a large scale, every dog is different, so before you add one to your home, do your best to get to know it as much as possible to make sure that it has the demeanor that you’re looking for. That small step could make a big difference in everyone’s life.

1. The Saint Bernard

Some may not expect to see such a large dog on this list, but there’s a reason that the Saint Bernard has been used for centuries as a rescue dog in places like the Alps. These gentle giants can be workhorses and they will expend whatever effort is necessary to please their owners, but they are also extremely calm and receptive to training and commands, which every dog needs. They are not going to suddenly explode with energy and jump all over people, but they are so big that they need some training early in life to learn how to avoid knocking people over. As long as they get ample time with their owners, Saint Bernards will be faithful and loving companions that are anything but unpredictable.

2. The French Bulldog

These mid-sized dogs date back centuries as well, and one of the traits that people looked for when breeding them into their modern existence was their calm demeanor. As such, the French Bulldog definitely belongs on any list of extremely calm dogs that like to relax. You won’t have to worry about incessant barking or whining from a French Bulldog, as they are known for their stoicism. They’re also generally open to meeting new people and to palling around with their owners throughout the day, whatever it is that they’re doing at any given time. If you want a couch buddy that won’t smother you like some larger breeds, then the French Bulldog may be exactly what you need.

3. The Bassett Hound

When people put together lists of five calm dogs that like to relax, most would not include the Bassett Hound. That’s because, above all else, these pooches are known for their incredible ability to track scents and to hunt things out of thickets and remote places. That’s one of the reasons they’re used so often to find missing people, as they will not be distracted from that task when it’s given to them. However, another reason they’re used in this regard is that they remain calm while attacking their next challenge. That calmness tends to extend to other areas of life, including time spent with family. It will take a bit of training and work to get to that point, but once accomplished the Bassett Hound will be your calm and loyal buddy for life.

4. The Greyhound

How is it possible that dogs that are known for pure speed and an insatiable appetite for using it wind up on a list of five extremely calm dogs that like to relax? It happens because when the Greyhound isn’t out running around, it’s about as docile, calm, and accommodating as any dog you’ll ever see or be around. The one caveat with regards to this breed, though, is that you will need to make sure that it gets the proper amount of exercise. Once that happens, though, it will generally settle in with you as you look for a way to recharge. These dogs are also excellent with children and strangers, so you won’t have to worry about anything unexpected happening.

5. The Irish Wolfhound

Once again, the fact that the Irish Wolfhound would find a place on a list of extremely calm dogs that like to relax will come as a bit of a surprise to some. Not only are these among the largest dogs in the world, but for generations, they were used and renowned for their hunting skills. That wasn’t only because of their size, but also because of their speed. However, when they are trained properly and they get the right amount of exercise, these dogs are extremely mellow and accepting of whatever comes their way. They are wonderful with people of all ages, and they’re simply not prickly or overly sensitive. They’ll serve as fantastic companions both to you and any children in your family and they won’t complain about much of anything. They’ll also dissuade any strangers who see it in your window from trying anything untoward, so security is also something they provide.

If you sensed a theme with our list of five extremely calm dogs that like to relax, then you should know that it wasn’t an accident: These dogs, like many others, need to be properly trained and exercised, or they will not remain calm and mellow. If you’d like to provide some options for playtime with your calm dog, take a look at KONG Club and make your choices. We hope your search leads to a lifelong friend.

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