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The Most Common Dog Problem Behaviors

Proper leash walking with KONG

As a pet parent, are you struggling with common problem behaviors with your pup? From excessive barking to destructive chewing, it’s not uncommon for dogs to exhibit behaviors that can be frustrating and challenging to deal with. Fortunately, KONG Club can help you to address and manage these issues. With the expertise of our Certified Dog Trainers and Behaviorists we can offer you specialized training programs, behavior solutions and enriching activities. KONG Club offers effective solutions to help you and your dog overcome these challenges.

4 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems


Excessive Barking:

Excessive barking can be a nuisance for both dog owners and their neighbors. While barking is a natural behavior for dogs, excessive barking may indicate underlying issues. Our pet coaches offer expert guidance and training programs to reduce the amount of barking and teach alternative behaviors and effective communication, helping to promote peace and harmony.


Separation Anxiety:

Many dogs struggle with separation anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviors and distress when left alone. We would love to help provide specialized training schedules and activities that focus on reducing separation anxiety. Our techniques involve gradually acclimating dogs to being alone.  Interactive toys like the KONG Classic toy, along with other mentally stimulating enrichment activities, can help alleviate anxiety and keep dogs engaged and occupied.


Destructive Chewing:

Destructive chewing is a common behavior problem, especially in puppies and young dogs. The KONG Club emphasizes the importance of appropriate chewing and offers a variety of interactive toys and chewables designed to keep dogs engaged and redirect their chewing to a suitable toy. A KONG Extreme can provide mental stimulation, promote healthy teeth and gums, and help redirect destructive chewing habits towards more appropriate outlets.


Pulling on Leash:

Does your dog drag you down the street during walks? Leash pulling can be frustrating and even dangerous, especially if you have a larger dog. Leash training programs that focus on teaching dogs proper leash manners and walking etiquette can really help. By using positive reinforcement techniques and specialized training methods, our Certified Dog Trainers help dogs learn to walk calmly on a leash, making walks more enjoyable for both pet and pet parent.


Dealing with problem behaviors in dogs can be challenging, but with KONG Club, we are here to help you address and overcome these issues effectively! From excessive barking and separation anxiety to destructive chewing and leash pulling, our Certified Dog Trainers offer expert guidance, specialized training programs, and enrichment ideas to help improve frustrating issues. Don’t let problem behaviors overshadow the joys of owning a dog- we are here for you.

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