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How Heavy Should My Cat Be: A Quick Breed Guide

We love spoiling our sweet fur babies with toys, treats, and plenty of cuddles. It’s a fact of life for a pet parent. We can’t deny our kiddos of extra
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Top Seven Picks for Best Dog Toothpaste in 2022

Dogs can start to show symptoms of gum and dental diseases by age three, but the risk can lower with consistent tooth brushing. Recent studies have found that upwards of
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7 Best Dog Shampoos for Dry, Itchy Skin

After living with your dog for ten days or maybe ten years, you might have noticed them occasionally scratching themselves. If you suspect that your pet is scratching themselves more
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Diabetes in Cats: Symptoms of Feline Diabetes

Just like humans, cats can also suffer from diabetes. This can be a scary diagnosis for your cat, especially if left unchecked. Let’s discuss the signs of diabetes so you
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Dog subscription box to help stop dogs from nipping and biting

How To Stop Dogs From Nipping & Biting When Excited

The excitement and joy we regularly see in our dogs are enviable, to say the least, especially on days where even a fleeting bit of energy seems impossible to come
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puppies with KONG

Puppy Teething Troubles?

Just like human babies, puppies also must go through a painful teething process. This experience can be tough on puppies and their parents. Puppies want to bite everything in sight
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Spaying & Neutering: Everything You Need To Know

As your puppy grows, they go through a lot of hormonal changes. With this comes the question of when to fix your dog. This is an important decision to make
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Dog cleaning his paw

Dog Licking & Chewing Paws: What It Means & When to Worry

Dogs’ paws are absolutely adorable. Ask any dog owner past, present, or future, and they are sure to give you the same answer. You could even ask anyone on one
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Striped tabby cat giving a big yawn

How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth Effectively

As all cat owners are aware, it’s your cat’s world, and we just live in it. As a fantastic cat parent, you already provide good nutrition, care, and love to
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dog in the aftermath of fun in the mud

Best Dog Paw Cleaners of 2022

We all know the struggle of seeing dirty paw prints across the floor. Although these prints may lead a cute path directly to your pet’s favorite snuggle spot, you are
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