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Eight Cool Gift Ideas for Dog Owners in 2022

There are two primary categories of gifts for dog parents, and it is first important to decide which one you want to opt for. A gift for a pet parent could either be more targeted toward the person or their pooch.

Both types of presents are immensely rewarding to give and receive. With careful consideration, gifts can impact the recipient in just the right way.

If you want to get the dog parent in your life a present for their pet, you will have a whole host of options ahead of you. Do you want something that will engage their pup’s sense of play? Then toys or a walking supply kit would be your best bet.

For a more docile pet, maybe you want to get them something cute that they can snuggle and cuddle up to? Then perhaps a memory foam dog bed or pet carrier would be ideal for the dog parents. Either way, it is best to consider both the dog’s play style as well as the person’s preferences.

On the other hand, you might choose to get a gift that is more for the human than the dog. In this case, something sweet and sentimental is often a choice that will lead to a treasured gift for many years to come.

Hopefully, this gift guide is enough to get some creative juices flowing and help you start to think of some of the best gifts for dog lovers. If you are looking for an option that will consistently reward both the dog and the pet parents, do not fret!

We have just the thing for you:

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

At this point, many of us have tried out a subscription service or two. Chances are, you have experienced the excitement of receiving a new shipment of goodies regularly firsthand.

You know the anticipation that goes into it, and the joy that follows when you get to try out what arrived in your latest box. This anticipation is perhaps best compared to the excitement a dog feels when they get to play with a new toy for the first time. Research has proven that dogs love a new toy (just like their humans!). KONG toys can help with that.

1. The KONG Club Monthly Subscription 

The KONG Club Monthly Subscription is the perfect gift for pet parents and their furry best friends. KONG Club has a convenient mobile app complete with both 24/7 vets and pet coaches who are available to provide support and create personalized guidance and pet plans.

Gifts for Dogs

Now that we have established an example of a gift that would cater to both the pet parent and the dog, let’s delve a bit deeper into presents that are more for pets than people.

Let’s be real: Caring for pets can be expensive. So, when you give a present to a dog, you’re actually giving their human a little break. Now they can enjoy that avocado toast worry-free!

2. Dog Toys That Cater to the Pet’s Interests

No matter what the dog loves to do, there are an abundance of fantastic toy options to choose from. The key is to think about how the dog behaves. If they make a habit of nipping, a chew toy is a great way to curb that instinct.

Or perhaps they like to fetch and run like a wild one all day long, then look for a ball launcher to really get the party going. For little doggy Einsteins, maybe some interactive toys would be best.

3. Some New Favorite Dog Treats

If there is one thing we know about dogs, it is their incredible passion for food. Frankly, it’s enviable how so many of them can continue to wolf (no pun intended) down kibble out of their dog bowl like they weren’t just fed a few hours ago.

Many, but not all, dogs are very food motivated. This means that one of the best possible ways to train them is with a wide array of their favorite high-reward treats available at the pet parent’s disposal. The presence of these treats helps to create positive associations in the pet’s mind that makes going to the bathroom outside seem like a super fun and great idea.

Training is a great way to keep a dog’s mind active to reduce destructive behavior and boost happiness. We have to help provide mental stimulation for our dogs since they can’t exactly pull out that Sudoku puzzle when they’re bored.

If the particular furry friend in question is not as food motivated, pet parents still have plenty of enticing options. Dogs are different; they have their own interests and passions. Just like all Dalmatians have different spots, every dog has a unique (and adorable) personality.

Gifts for Pet Parents

Next, we have gifts that cater a bit more to the pet parent than the pet themselves.

4. A Beautiful Pet Portrait

When it comes right down to it, a lot of pet parents would love to have a portrait of their treasured pet hung up on the wall for everyone to see. If you suspect that the recipient of your gift belongs firmly in that category, then it might be worth looking into getting a professional portrait done of their pooch.

Not only is this great gift profoundly thoughtful, but it also gives you the opportunity to support artists and collaborate on the piece. Look around; there are probably some excellent artists in your community who would jump at the opportunity to create a portrait of an adorable Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Mutt, or whoever your Fido happens to be.

Actually, that brings us to our next gift suggestion.

5. A Dog DNA Test

Depending on the circumstance under which this person got their doggy, they may or may not know their specific breed breakdown.

Imagine their delight and shock when they find out their rescue dog, who was called a Great Dane, has a little Chihuahua running through their blood. Other than this information being fun, it could help to explain some of your dog’s quirkier habits.

The result of the dog’s DNA test and their breed information data can be immensely helpful to pet parents and vets. For example, some dog breeds might be more predisposed to face certain health challenges. Simply being armed with this information in advance could help ensure that the dog stays happy and healthy for a long time to come.

6. Custom Clothing (for Pet Parents, Dogs, or Both!)

Since we just covered a gift that is both interesting and informative, now it is time for one that is just silly. Whether the gift recipient would want to wear t-shirts or a hoodie with their dog’s face printed directly on the front of it. Otherwise, maybe they would go wild for a pair of matching shirts for them and their canine companion.

Then, it is also entirely possible that the gift recipient would rather their dog be the star of the show. In this case, look into a bandana that complements their fur color.

For a gift that is both adorable and practical, check out our next suggestion.

7. A Fancy Dog Collar and Dog Leash

Getting the pet parent in your life a new, spiffy dog collar and dog leash will go a long way in showing how much you care. This gift is simultaneously sweet and customizable while also being incredibly helpful in day-to-day life with a dog.

You could even personalize a collar with the dog’s name or include tags with their necessary information to go the extra mile. Dogs and their people who love a nice stroll would also appreciate biodegradable poop bags or a reusable water bottle (with the dog’s name on it, of course).

8. Consider a Customized Door Mat

Door mats are often a must when it comes to living with (and loving) a dog. They’re one of the best ways to make sure the dirt and grime accumulated from both shoes and muddy dog paws stay outside where it belongs.

A mat with a cute message, an impression of the dog’s paw print, or an image of the dog on the front are instantly iconic. Plus, it’s a great way to let visitors know that they are about to be covered in dog hair.

The Greatest Gift of All

Whether you’re trying to win the affection of your friend’s new dog, or if it’s just time for a spectacular holiday gift, you have a lot of worthy choices available. As long as you consider what the dog and pet parents want, you will find something perfect.


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