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Playtime: A Resolution Worth Keeping

woman and dog outside playing with KONG dog toy

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life. The weeks pass quickly, and before you know it, it’s a new year. People are suddenly reflecting on the last 12 months and making goals for the next. Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s never too late to hop on board and pick a goal that could improve life for both you and your dog.

A Barky New Year

With long work hours and many social obligations, schedules fill up fast. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you may miss out on time spent with your best friend. For your New Year’s resolution, ditch the unnecessary commitments, and say yes to more playtime with your pup.

Ways to Dedicate More Time to Your Dog

Having quality one-on-one time is essential for both you and your dog. While you can’t add more hours in the day, you can take small steps that’ll include your canine and add more playtime to your routine.

1.     Work out together.

Whether you go for a jog around the block or explore a local hiking trail, it’s easy to bring your canine along for the fun. If you don’t have enough time for lengthy workouts, consider waking up a little earlier for a long morning walk with your pup.

2.     Schedule social dates that can include your pup.

When making plans with loved ones, consider meeting up at a local dog-friendly restaurant or cafe. This way, you get to maintain your social life without having to leave your pup at home.

3.     Make grooming a way to connect.

The furrier the friend, the more bathing and brushing they require. Instead of looking at grooming as a chore, think of it as a bonding experience with your pup.

4.     Use the experts in your KONG Club app.

Reach out to the pet coaches, vets and trainers in the KONG Club app for advice and Personalized Pet Plans to help your pet live their very best life.

5.     Take them along for a car ride.

From fast food runs to late-night drives, a car ride is usually an exciting experience for dogs. Let them take in all the sights and smells as you play your favorite tunes.

6.     Work from home more often.

Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, conduct business from the comfort of your home. Whether your doggo struggles with separation anxiety or not, they’ll be happy to have some playtime in between work tasks.

Resolutions You and Your Canine Can Keep

Looking for more New Year’s resolutions to try? Here are a few ideas that both you and Fido will enjoy.

1.     Try New Things

There’s no better time for new routines and experiences than the new year. Switch things up by planning adventures both you and your pup will like. Maybe try camping for the first time, or if you want to start small, teach your dog a new trick or two.

2.     Travel More

Celebrate the new year with a new destination. Instead of dealing with pricey airplane tickets, pack up your car and hit the road with your partner in crime. Not only is it a fun way to spend time with your doggo, but you get to explore new sights together.

3.     Stress Less

While you might consider yoga or journaling a way to combat stress, the answer is much easier than that. When you’re feeling overworked or tense, look no further than your furry friend. According to research, dogs improve your mood, control blood pressure, and, in general, reduce stress. Before skipping out on playtime, remember how good it’ll make both you and your pup feel.

4.     Find the Fun in Cardio

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring with your doggo by your side. If you want to get active in the new year, grab a leash and include your four-legged companion. As much as they love walks and runs, canines can also join your more creative ventures, such as hiking or swimming. If you’re looking to work up a sweat at home, your dog can help you with that. Opt for an energetic game of fetch or tug of war.

Want to make sure your resolution will stick? KONG Club makes committing to playtime easy. Reach out to the pet coaches, vets and trainers in the KONG Club app for advice and Personalized Pet Plans to make resolutions a breeze.