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Top 4 Best Chew-Proof Dog Beds of 2022

If there is one thing that dogs do particularly well (other than look adorable), it’s sleep. In fact, adult dogs sleep for 10 to 12 hours a day on average; that’s about half their day!

Suddenly it makes sense why your pooch is so ready for a mid-afternoon cuddle. If you have puppies or large dogs, you will probably notice them sleeping even more. The dog zoomies are pretty cute, but not so much when you’re trying to sleep before driving to work the next day.

If your dog loves their bed, it can be quite confusing when you notice them regularly chewing on it. After all, if they treasure this bed, why would they try to destroy it? It is important to remember that your dog doesn’t see this as destruction at all. Dogs regularly chew on toys that they love, and their pet bed is no different.

If you have pets who are moderate chewers to heavy chewers, we have some helpful tips on the best chew-proof dog beds out there. From what to look for in a chew-resistant dog bed to specific heavy-duty, comfy pet products, we have you covered.

Can You Train a Dog Not To Chew?

After realizing that their dog is a frequent chewer, the first question on many pet parents’ minds is simple: Is there a way to stop your dog from chewing? The short answer is that there really isn’t. Luckily, the longer answer is likely to give a bit more hope to pet parents.

Much of the time, chewing is instinctual for dogs. Since this trait has been passed down through generations of wolves, eventually reaching domesticated dogs.

Even the smallest Maltese is not going to simply forget this urge. Instead, we, as pet parents, are tasked with something different but no less effective through the fine art of redirection.

How Can You Redirect a Dog’s Chewing?

By redirecting your dog’s chewing, they will be more likely to leave your furniture and personal items alone. Odds are, these positive habits will translate into less chewing of their bed. Make sure to provide your dog with a chew toy that they just can’t get enough of. Preferably, your dog should have multiple chew toy options.

What Should You Look for in a Durable Dog Bed?

When you have a strong chewer in the family, you know that not just any bed will cut it. Instead, you will need a powerfully durable bed that can stand up to your dog’s frequent gnawing.

You might have fears of coming home to see your pet’s dog bed torn up, but know that you have plenty of durable (but also super cute) options.

The process of finding the right bed for your pooch should involve careful consideration of your pet and their needs. For instance, large dogs will need more space to lounge than their smaller counterparts. Make sure that whatever size bed you end up with will accommodate small, medium, or big dogs depending on what you need.

If you want this dog bed to be truly indestructible, here are a few other traits to watch out for:

  • Beds that are water-resistant or have a water-proof liner
  • If the bed is not water-resistant, look for machine washable alternatives
  • A removable cover can be very helpful
  • Find a tough dog bed that transitions between indoor and outdoor use
  • Opt for high-quality materials that are less likely to tear
  • When in doubt, a bed that provides a warranty (preferably a year warranty or longer) can ease your mind


1. The KONG Pet Crate Mat Pad

While the KONG Pet Crate Mat Pad might immediately seem like it should just be used to make a crate cozier, it can serve more purposes than just that.

This bed works so well within a dog crate because it is wonderfully comfy. That being said, this surface can easily be brought outside for a delightful little sunbathing session.

This mat pad provides a fantastic option for dogs that simply cannot get enough of chewing. They can chew away all day long, but all that they will face is reinforced water-repellent fabric. Even the most furiously teething dog will have immense difficulty getting through that.

However, just because your dog does not manage to tear their bed apart, it still might look a little worse for wear after being put through the wringer. In that case, take a deep breath because this mat is machine washable.

Easily return this durable dog bed to its former glory by tossing it in the wash. Then, you can return it to your pooch so that the cycle can start all over again.

2. The KONG 4-Sided Cuddler Dog Bed

For those pets that understand being comfortable is one of the finer things in life, the KONG 4-Sided Cuddler Dog Bed is just the thing. This bed was designed first and foremost for tremendous luxury and comfort. At the same time, KONG knows that it takes more than just comfort to make the perfect dog bed.

The 4-Sided Cuddler Dog Bed was carefully and thoughtfully engineered for strength (along with being irresistibly cozy). The reinforced ripstop and seams are mighty opponents — chewers of all shapes and sizes will be stopped in their tracks.

This bed features a machine washable cover, so this sleep spot will be spot-free. No matter how much you plan, we all know that accidents will still inevitably happen. If a water bowl gets knocked over near the bed, no problem!

This pad’s exterior walls are also water-resistant, so they will be dry in no time. And if your dog has a tendency to carry their bed along with them, the skid-resistant bottom will come in especially handy.

3. The KONG Durable Lounger Dog Bed

The KONG Durable Lounger Dog Bed comes in different color options for added customization for you and your pup. The unique shape provides the opportunity for all kinds of lounging and sleeping.

If your dog prefers to put a head on their paw while they rest, this bed has what they need. If they want to stretch themselves out as much as possible, small dogs will find themselves with an abundance of room at their disposal for maximum belly rub opportunities.

The wonderful coziness of this bed can’t be overstated, but that’s far from the only benefit. Like KONG’s other dog beds, this model has also been optimized for strength. The pad easily earns the name “durable” for its brute durability.

This bed is close to accident-proof since it has water-resistant exterior walls. Your pup can also try to chew all they want, but the reinforced ripstop and seams are tough to break. For added ease and convenience, the bed’s cover can be popped into the washing machine anytime.

4. The KONG Orthopedic Mat Dog Bed

Last but not least, we have the KONG Orthopedic Mat Dog Bed on our list of chew-proof dog beds. It is right there in the name, but this orthopedic mat provides an unparalleled comfort level for your pooch to snooze. While pets of any age can benefit from this special mat, orthopedic beds are especially great for senior dogs.

As our dogs enter their golden years, it is natural for them to experience some aches and pains and habit changes. Orthopedic memory foam isn’t just for people; our dogs deserve the best!

Memory foam is soothing for older dogs when they lie down and get up. A slightly firm foam gives them the support they need to stand up without much hassle.

With that in mind, orthopedic dog beds are also cozy and worthwhile options for pets of any age. Coming in a variety of colors, the KONG Orthopedic Mat Dog Bed will get any dog excited to rest or just relax. This welcoming bed also has water-resistant exterior walls and a convenient machine washable cover.

Plus, this orthopedic mat has a skid-resistant bottom, so it will always stay right where you put it. This bed’s reinforced ripstop and seams will be enough to give any chewer pause (or paws).

Put Your Dog’s Chewing to Bed

Dogs enjoy sleeping on all sorts of surfaces. Whether your pup prefers a snooze on the couch, the carpet, or simply anywhere that they lie down is up to them. Yet, there is one type of soft surface beloved by all kinds of canine companions: a dog bed.

There are many nearly indestructible dog beds available; you just have to do your research and know what your pet needs. Instead of your pup trying to jump on your mattress, you might just be asking them to scootch over and make some room on their dog bed.


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