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5 Great Places to Take Your Dog to Play

dog playing with KONG classic dog toy on sand at beach

The life of a dog is one that most humans would gladly trade for on any given day. Every day for your furry friend is an adventure, and it’s something that never gets old either for the dog or his or her best friend. If you love dogs and you’re a dog owner, you know how difficult it is to leave your buddy behind on those days when you have other obligations, such as work. The flip side to that reality, however, is that before long you get to that day or those days when you and your best friend can take on the world, free of any obligations, schedules or anything else that you have to do as opposed to what you want to do. Those days are special, and most dog owners we’ve worked with are constantly looking for great places to take their dogs to play.

KONG has been working with special dog owners for nearly 50 years, and after almost a half-century, we’ve come to identify a lot of things about what makes a dog’s life special. Since all dogs live to play, it’s important to know what works in that regard. Below you’ll find just five of the many different examples of great places to take your dog to play. We’re sure that most of you who read this will have others in mind, but that’s one of the best parts of owning a dog – he or she is yours, and his or her personality is what makes your bond so wonderful.

1. The Dog Park

Most dogs simply love other dogs, and many dogs who live alone with their owners actually long for some time to mingle with their own species. Dog parks are definitely one of the great places to take your dog to play for the most part, but you should keep a few things in mind before you jump in the car and head to the one closest to your home. First, make sure to bring something to entertain your dog with, such as a ball to chase or a toy, otherwise, your friend may wind up annoying other dogs that have these things available. Secondly, pay attention to your dog’s demeanor. If it’s stressed, don’t force it to stay, as it is a fact that not every dog loves dog parks.

2. The Beach

One of the many interesting things about dogs is how much they have in common with their human friends. For instance, one of the great places to take your dog to play is the beach if you have one within a reasonable distance of your home. Can you think of any human who would disagree with that? Dogs love the sun, they love to root around in the sand and many of them are exhilarated by the experience of jumping into a lake or some other body of water to frolic in the waves and the surf. It’s an unforgettable experience for dog and owner.

3. The Hiking Trail

Since not everyone lives close to a beach, that’s not a realistic play option for every dog owner. Nearly everyone, however, can find some sort of hiking trail nearby, almost regardless of their location. People may not think of hiking trails as one of the five great places to take your dog to play, but especially if your dog is a larger breed that likes to expend energy over a long period of time, it’s worth the trip and the effort. Not to mention, you get plenty of exercise as well, which is just an added bonus. All you should remember if you’re going to go this route is to bring water for both of you and to make sure you follow any leash regulations or laws. Your pooch will get to walk and walk and walk, and he or she will also get to smell new scents and see new things.

4. The Swimming Pool

As mentioned above, not everyone lives near a beach, and while a large majority of people live near some sort of body of water, not all of them are safe for swimming or even allow dogs. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other water-based options that are great places to take your dog to play. Swimming pools are excellent choices, and like dogs, swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a pool, you already know what we’re talking about. If you know someone with a pool or you have access to a private pool somewhere, spend a day in it with your buddy and be prepared to have him or her crash hard when you’re finished. If none of these options are available, leave your dog at home while you go buy a kiddie pool. Once you fill that up in the yard, you’re in for a day of fun.

5. Basically Any Open Space

Have you ever seen a dog use a sock as a toy (more on that later)? If you have or you’ve seen anything else that’s even remotely relatable, you know that dogs are going to make the best out of any situation and find a way to have fun. Therefore, even if you cannot find a specific great place to take your dog to play, then you can make things work with any open space. Dogs love to run and be in the fresh air, so bring a toy or simply get out there and run around until your friend is wiped out from all the exercise and exhilaration.

As mentioned above, there are nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to great places to take your dog to play. We’ve listed five, but we’re sure that we could ask others and they’d come up with five completely different locations. There will still be days when you will be stuck inside, though, whether it’s due to weather or illness. When that happens, let KONG toys make your home a great place for your dog to play! Remember that your KONG Club pet coaches, trainers and vets are available with great ideas for indoor and outdoor fun fun with your pup!