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5 Reasons KONG Chew Toys Will Make Your Dog Happier

You’ve probably become quite familiar with the toy market as a dog owner. After all, dogs love toys, and they’re one of the easiest ways to keep your pup entertained. This is especially the case for interactive toys designed to keep dogs mentally stimulated, of which there are many.

However, out of all the toy companies and brands out there, there’s one in particular that’s been recommended by the general consensus and Veterinarians worldwide as being the best interactive toys for dogs of all sizes- KONG Company dog toys.

These classic rubber and plush toys for dogs may be your solution to keeping your anxious, highly energetic, or destructive dogs under control, and if you’re looking for a toy that can bring your dog lots of joy, this is the one for the job!

Since there are so many types of KONG toys, here are five of the best KONG dog chew toys and some information on each one to help you pick the best one for your pup.

Why are KONG Chew Toys So Great?

There are several reasons why KONG toys are so beneficial, with each kind catering to your dog’s specific instincts and needs. Need help picking out the best toys for your furry friend?  Join KONG Club and you will have access to Pet Coaches who can help solve any training or behavior issues!

Here are some of the best benefits that KONG toys offer.

  • Due to their durable rubber build, KONGs can essentially last for the entirety of your dog’s lifetime says Marvelous Dogs. They aren’t a toy you’ll have to replace all the time!
  • They appeal to your dog’s natural instinct to work for their rewards and encourage positive chewing habits. They also decrease boredom, stress, and destructiveness and will keep your dog content for a while, even if you aren’t around.
  • KONG toys are amazing for oral health. As your dog chews their KONG, the rubber on the toy helps keep plaque under control, promotes clean teeth, and removes any food particles present. They even have dental-specific toys to help.
  • Since you can stuff a KONG with just about anything, your dog will have the constant pleasure of being able to work towards getting daily new goodies and treats, making it impossible for them to get bored of them.
  • KONG toys are made for dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and chewing levels, from the gentlest chewers to the more intense ones. You will always be able to find a KONG that can benefit your specific dog.

Now that you know some of the benefits KONGs offer, here are five of the best mentally stimulating KONG dog toys on the market.

KONG Puppy

The KONG Classic Puppy chew toy was specifically designed for puppies in mind!

Due to your puppies’ smaller, growing teeth and sensitive gums, they don’t yet have the strength required to handle the harder adult classic KONG.

They promote healthy chewing habits early on and will constantly keep your pups mentally stimulated and engaged with its unpredictably bouncy nature.

Stuff them with treats and goodies, such as kibble and peanut butter, and you’ll have a toy that’ll be able to keep even the most energetic of pups entertained.

Just fill them up, throw them, and your puppy will be off trying to figure out how to get those sweet treats stuck inside out for as long as it takes!

KONG Classic

Once your puppy has entered their adult years and has gotten bigger, you can then upgrade them to the KONG Classic. Famous for their red color, the KONG Classic was designed with average chewers and adult dogs of every size and breed in mind.

They are made with an ultra-durable rubber formula that’s bouncy enough to enrich and excite any dog that loves to chew and play.

Due to their bouncy nature they’re amazing for throwing around an playing fetch with.

Stuffing them with different, exciting treats can increase their playtime, and up the amount of time it’ll take before your dog gets bored of them if that ever happens in the first place!

KONG Extreme

While the KONG Classic was made for average adult chewers of all kinds, there are some dogs who require a little more durability in their toys.

The all-black KONG Extreme chew toy comes in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL) and has the most durable rubber formula out of all the KONG toys on this list! This KONG toy was specially made for destructive power chewers with strong teeth and gums in mind.

Appeal to your dog’s natural instinct to work for their rewards with this KONG and stuff them with some savory treats and goodies to help encourage them in that venture.

You can even freeze it for a longer-lasting challenge or simply use them to play a nice game of fetch or treasure hunt to shake things up.

Overall this KONG will not fail to mentally stimulate and hold up against the most determined of chewers!

KONG Senior

Like humans, the older a dog gets, the weaker its teeth and gums will become. However, in most cases, their natural vigor and instinctual love of work and play remain the same.

KONG realized this and created the perfect KONG chew toy to cater to them and keep them entertained, the KONG Senior. The purple KONG Senior comes in three sizes (S, M, and L) and offers a gentler, more comfortable chewing outlet for your older dog to enjoy.  Even older dogs require mental stimulation, and the KONG Senior provides them with it.

Stuff the KONG with your dog’s kibble or favorite treats and watch how much fun they have attempting to get to it. Freeze it to make the fun last longer.

You’ll always be able to count on the KONG Senior to provide your aging dog with youth-like fun!


Outside of the classical snowman-shaped KONG chew toys, KONG also offers a plethora of other toys to choose from, and the Stuff-A-Ball is one of our favorites!

This interactive red rubber ball that comes in three sizes (S, M, and L) has small ridges that allow treats and other tasty things to be stuffed into the middle of it. The ridges help to promote healthy teeth and gums and turn the toy into a fun treat dispensing ball. Your dog will be able to play and clean its teeth all at the same time.

KONG even offers a puppy version of this ball called the Puppy Activity Ball allowing you to start the ball fun early on.

You can let your dog thump around with it or use it to play a game of fetch with them and watch how ecstatic they become!


Keeping your dog active and mentally stimulated is something that’s extremely important, and there are a lot of toys out there for that purpose. However, the KONG Company has some of the best collections of toys to get the job done.

Even better, you can become a members of KONG Club and your pooch will have access KONG Club app which gives you access to 24/7 vet care and pet coaches for 1:1 consultations and pet plans.