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8 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs Naturally

In the pet world, there is a common dividing line between “dog-people” or “cat-people.” Both sides of the debate may contest that they only like dogs or cats solely on the stereotypical behaviors they know each species to exhibit.

Most of us may feel that certain animals have stereotypical behaviors. We know that sloths move slowly, raccoons can be sneaky and try to get into the trash, and dogs are fun-loving and obsessed with their people.

When it comes to cats, some might suggest that cats prefer to do their own thing, like to be left alone, and don’t like to cuddle. This may be true for some particular breeds of cats; they are descendants of wild cats, after all. However, some domestic cat breeds act more like dogs than tigers.

Knowing which breeds of cats act like dogs naturally can be helpful in a few specific situations. If you have a family member or significant other who is wholeheartedly a dog lover, introducing them to cats can give them a wonderful first impression of the feline world.

After a positive interaction with an affectionate and playful cat, they will likely come over to the cat side. They’d probably even be up for joining the Cat Fanciers Association!

Introducing the Puppy-Cat

Particular living situations are well-suited for a boisterous and friendly cat who is dog-like, affectionately known as a “puppy-cat.” Living in an apartment may not be ideal for a dog who needs to get outside multiple times a day, but it would be perfect for a cat who can utilize a cat perch and a litter box. When you come home, you might find that your puppy-cat is excited for a game of fetch or even a belly rub.

This is great for those who may not be able to give a larger dog the exercise they need because of long working hours or issues with health or mobility. This is a perfect compromise with a cat’s natural tendency to use a litter box and need less physical exercise than a large breed dog.

Let’s take a look at the cat breeds who have dog-like tendencies.

1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large cat breed (upwards to 20 pounds!) and has become a very popular cat. While they are beautiful cats with luxurious coats, they are surprisingly low-maintenance, with hair softer than some shorthaired tabbies. They also have a dog-like temperament, making them ideal house cats for families and children.

Maine Coons can even be larger than some smaller dog breeds, like Yorkies or Chihuahuas. Maine Coons have a friendly disposition and will even be waiting for you at the door when you come home. We all love a furry welcoming committee!

Highly intelligent Maine Coons can learn tricks and will enjoy playing with a laser around the living room. They are also highly affectionate and will enjoy spending time with their family, forming close bonds.

These cats are more than just family pets. They will consider themselves as part of the family as the human members. As such, it is their duty to regularly check up on family members and follow them around the house (which they will do so diligently). For a cat, they are quite the social butterfly.

2. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats also top the list as one of the largest breeds of cats. Just like a Maine Coon, Ragdolls can tip the scales at twenty pounds. Similar to the laid-back personalities of Basset Hounds and Irish Wolfhounds, Ragdolls are very even-keeled cats who are great with kids. They are truly gentle giants.

Ragdolls have the patience to be doted on by kids who just want to love on their fluffy kitty (with you closely monitoring!). Just like their name implies, Ragdolls are known for being physically limp when you pick them up, so be sure to offer supporting and gentle hands when handling your Ragdoll kitty.

Like some dogs, Ragdolls are very vocal. They will regularly communicate back with you when you speak to them and let you know when they enjoy pets and scratches. They enjoy snuggles and will regularly hop into bed and get close to you. Ragdolls have also been known to present their tummy for rubs.

3. Bengals

Bengals are a popular choice for the experienced cat parent looking for an active feline. Beloved for their lovely, exotic-looking coat, Bengals bring a touch of the wild side to their families’ life.

They are also high-energy and can get into the wilder side of cat behavior. They can even enjoy playing in water. Being a Bengal cat parent means keeping one eye open while in the shower, as your cat may poke their head in wanting to play.

Bengals are the type of cat who will get into good-natured shenanigans. Their hobbies include leaping around, getting cases of the zoomies, and long walks on the beach (probably). They are as affectionate as they are lively. You may find yourself with a cat who will leap a great bound to cuddle with you on the sofa.

4. Manx

Protective and playful, a Manx will have you easily wrapped around their paw. These lovable cats are famous for their almost tailless appearance with a stubby tail and longer back legs.

These physical characteristics make the Manx a great jumper, and they’ll love watching over everyone from a high vantage point. Play up to this characteristic by installing cat perches high on your windows so they can have a good view of the birds.

Manx cats enjoy chasing and playing with toys. They love their family and form tight bonds with the members that play and spend time with them. They are also fiercely loyal. In fact, they even display loyalty to their home and don’t particularly like to move.

5. Bombay

Bombay cats are sleek and black, resembling a panther. These chill cats are affectionate and have an extroverted personality. They love to play games and can even be taught to walk on a leash. Imagine the turned heads when you take your cat on a walk on a pleasant stroll.

Bombays also like to be the head of any welcoming committee when it comes to greeting you home or welcoming guests that come to your home. Bombays have a friendly temperament and are definite lap cats.

They will likely find a nice warm spot on a guest’s lap to receive some pats and happily snooze and refuse to let their human chair leave. Their talent is jumping, and they will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the house from the top of cabinets or shelves (proceed with caution walking under doors!).

While Bombays are friendly and love to form relationships with you, they may experience separation anxiety if they are left alone for hours on end. If you are a work-from-home warrior, a Bombay will love being your office companion on Zoom calls.

6. Siberian

Siberians may be the perfect cat for the self-proclaimed “dog person.” With the Siberians’ lovely coats and beautiful eyes, any animal lover will be entranced by these good looks. They are affectionate cats and enjoy forming relationships with their family members.

Siberians are intelligent and inquisitive. Just like your dog enjoying a good puzzle to obtain treats, the Siberian cat will also enjoy putting their feline prowess to work on an engaging puzzle filled with treats from their monthly KONG Club box.

When caring for a Siberian, be used to their adventurous streak. They love to explore the house and land around them, and you may be surprised to see them trotting on the sidewalk around your neighborhood. Quick to get into mischief, the Siberian enjoy making a game out of anything that dangles in front of them.

7. American Bobtail

With its cute little fluff of a tail, the American Bobtail will have you wrapped around their paw in no time. American Bobtails are sweet and devoted cats. They can even be fantastic therapy cats as they love to bond with any person who will offer their lap and some loving pats.

Like the Siberian, American Bobtails can also go through leash training for walks outside. They are also natural Houdinis and have the seemingly magical ability to get out of spaces they don’t particularly like. They can quickly escape closed rooms and crates.

Like most “puppy-cats,” American Bobtails adore playtime. They love playing games with their people, including the dog classic, fetch. They are also wonderful around children as they are patient and gentle while being picked up and carried around.

American Bobtails are laid-back when it comes to forming relationships and will accept other dogs or cats in the home with ease. You’ll probably witness them forming fast and lasting friendships with their pet brother or pet sister.

8. Abyssinian

Abyssinians, also affectionately called the “Abys,” are loving and relaxed cats. They love to climb, so having a cat perch is a wise option for an Aby, or they may decide to climb your curtains.

Abyssinians are playful cats and love an evening play session with a dangling cat toy. Abys are also known to “play up” and show off for their admirers. They have an affectionate nature and love to spend quality time with their family. Plus, they take well to sharing their home with other cats.

Their adventurous and curious streak will have them wanting to explore and roam the grounds around your home. Maintaining a watchful eye over your Aby and making sure they get their energy out with toys and companionship will help keep your Abyssinian from trying to escape.

KONG Club: For Cats & Dogs and Cats Who Act Like Dogs

Being a member of the KONG Club is the perfect way to stay informed as a pet parent while also making sure that your cat receives plenty of treats and toys to keep them busy.

When your cat’s personality is more dog-like than cat-like, you’ll want to ensure they have plenty of toys to keep up with their natural instinct to play. With fun and engaging KONG toys, your active and lively cat will have plenty of opportunities to hunt, pounce, and chase to their heart’s desire.

Any cat who has a dog-like personality will love playing and spending time with you. Keeping their toy box full and updated helps them to stay out of hijinks and will satisfy their curious nature. You’ll love watching them chase and pounce on our specifically designed toys. Don’t throw the box out either, as we all know with cats: If it fits, they sit!”

When you are a member of the KONG Club,  you’ll receive expert-led guidance for every stage of your pet’s life.

Join the club today, and guidance of us being right by your side.


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