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Ways to Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

Labrador dog playing outdoors

As we all settle into the new year, we also welcome an exciting month of new resolutions and routines to better our lives. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re focusing on daily meditation, take steps to ensure your resolution benefits both you and your pup.

National Train Your Dog Month

Each year, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) proclaims January as National Train Your Dog Month. It’s the perfect time for all old, new, and prospective dog owners to learn about the importance of training for pets. And if you need a little help along the way, KONG Club offers training support and plans to meet your dog’s exact needs.

Why Training Matters

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend. Not only do canines look to people for guidance, but a well-trained doggo is often happier and closer to their owner.

Better Control

Teaching your canine how to behave, a primary reason for training your pet, helps you manage them as they welcome new environments and situations. Whether you’re on a local hiking trail or at a new dog-friendly restaurant, basic commands can go a long way in supervising your puppy. If your four-legged companion is well-mannered, it’s much easier to take them on adventures.

For Their Own Safety

The better your doggo listens to you, the more likely you can protect them when they’re unrestrained. Any well-behaved dog may bolt if they feel startled or uneasy. Responding to your voice commands or looking to you for instructions, though, could save them from other animals or approaching cars.

Makes Them More Sociable

If your pup knows how to respect boundaries and behave in unusual situations, he can thrive in public places. Humans and other canines will feel more at ease with a well-mannered dog, which can create more positive social interactions for your furry companion.

Helps You Understand Your Dog

One of the significant benefits of obedience training is the quality time you’ll be able to spend with your furry friend. The more you work with your canine, the more you’ll be able to pick up on the body language and mannerisms they use to communicate with you.

Stronger Bond

Teaching your puppy commands with positive reinforcement is a great way to gain each other’s trust and respect. A well-behaved doggo is going to be more relaxed, confident, and understanding of what you want as the alpha. The more time you spend with your best fur-friend, the more loving relationship you’ll have.

Provides Important Stimulation

A few treats and basic commands can give your dog more than just learning material. Canines need mental stimulation, exercise, and, basically, a job. Your friend wants to earn the treat as a reward, so obedience training gives your pup a better sense of purpose.

Tips for New Dog Owners

New to dog ownership? Training is probably one of the first things on your mind. Before you get too overwhelmed with puppy mania, check out our tips to get started.


Dogs need to get out and experience the world. The more you socialize your puppy, the more they can adjust to new people, places, and situations. Having a friendly canine will pay off later when your doggo reacts well to different environments.

Crate Training

While crates get a bad reputation, there’s nothing wrong with a cozy space for your pup to call their own. If you give your pup enough time in the crate, it just might become one of their favorite spots. Not only is it perfect for when you have to leave home, but it’s also a useful tool in house training and preventing bad habits, such as chewing.

Positive Reinforcement

When training your furry companion, always stick to positive reinforcement. While punishment may discourage bad behavior, it’s not going to help your puppy understand what you want. It can, however, result in issues including fear and aggression. With positive reinforcement, your doggo will want to do more of the things you like. Use praise, games, and treats to reward good behavior.

Want more ways to encourage your polished pup? Look no further than KONG Club. Our 1:1 pet coaching and training sessions are  designed to promote paw-sitive behavior, jump-start playtime and bring more fun to your pup’s day!