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How To Bring Your Outside Dog Inside

How to bring your outside dog inside

The other day I was working with a wonderful golden retriever and his family. They dreamed of having him inside laying on the floor next to the Christmas tree, being a true member of their family. But the reality instead was him running around, knocking things over, chewing on everything and jumping all over the parents and their 3 little girls. Out of frustration, he spent more and more time outside. 

KONG Club to the rescue to make their dream a reality.

 When I met with them, we went over a few strategies to exercise him physically and mentally outside with some games and other training sequences. Then, we brought him inside and gave him a stuffed KONG Classic with his dinner. He immediately went to his new bed in the corner by the Christmas tree and went to work on the KONG toy. His mom looked at me and said, “I had no idea it would be that easy.” I hear that all the time. 

 When you bring your dog inside, settle him down with a stuffed and frozen KONG, he will happily calm right down. You must feed him anyway – why not train him at the same time? When I left my new golden retriever friend, he was sleeping on his new bed with his three girls petting and loving him. Thanks KONG Club.


By Cindy Scott, Certified Master Trainer
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