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KONG Classic Stuffing Recipes and Training Tips for Thanksgiving

dogs with Thanksgiving KONG box dog toys

Thanksgiving fills our homes with warm greetings and plenty of food. It’s truly a dog’s dream come true. Whether they’re running with the family during a game of two-hand touch (dogs need to play too, after all!) or begging for scraps at the dinner table, your dog may enjoy the holiday just as much as you do. They certainly love all the new smells and extra attention from visitors. Being thankful is part of celebrating the season, so don’t forget to show your pup how much they mean to you. And, as much as we’d love to show it by giving them all the food they so desperately beg for, that’s not always the safest or healthiest way to express your love. 

That’s where KONG Club and KONG specialty stuffing recipes come in handy. And by stuffing, we don’t mean cornbread and herbs. A stuffed KONG can be healthy, delicious, and helpful when it comes to managing your pup’s behavior during the busy holiday. 

KONG Classic Stuffing Recipes

While peanut butter and treats might be good KONG stuffing on a typical day, on Thanksgiving, include your dog in the festivities with something a little more special. With KONG, stuffing isn’t just a side dish reserved for the turkey. Stuff your dog’s KONG Classic with a unique mixture of ingredients that are both safe and delicious. Giving your pup a stuffed KONG not only gives them a feast of their own to enjoy, but it also prevents them from begging for food. 

Popular Holiday Recipes

  • Thanksgiving Feast: This KONG stuffing recipe is a no-brainer for the holiday season. Utilizing only four ingredients, you can whip up delicious treats for your dog to enjoy while your family feasts. Be sure to prepare this recipe ahead of Thanksgiving Day and freeze the mixture to keep your pup occupied for longer.
  • Fido’s Farmhouse Feast: Nothing screams fall flavors like this tasty treat. Featuring ingredients such as carrots, pumpkin puree and cranberries, your pet will be in flavor heaven. 
  • Candy Corn: What’s the holiday season without a little desert? While pie and other human treats won’t do for your dog, this candy corn stuffing recipe provides a quick and easy sweet snack. Don’t forget to try the Pup-Permint stuffing recipe if your furry friend is already dreaming of a white Christmas!

Teach and Reinforce Good Behavior with a Stuffed KONG

Stuffing a KONG Classic gives your pup a special holiday treat, and it reinforces good behavior during the holiday. Whether you’re leaving them for the day while you celebrate with family or you’re playing host, a stuffed KONG Classic is a welcome distraction for your dog. Designed for even the roughest playtime, a stuffed KONG helps prevent your dog from begging during Thanksgiving dinner. It can also help them deal with the loneliness if you’re away along with these other issues that include chewing, boredom and anxiety.

KONG Helps If Your Dog Will Be Home Alone

Giving your pup a stuffed KONG when you leave also provides them with a positive response. Separation anxiety peaks during the first 20 minutes after you go, but a stuffed KONG will excite your pup and distract them, so they don’t feel lonely. Use this same positive reinforcement for crate training and stress management. The crate becomes a place of security and comfort for your dog as they enjoy their KONG filled with pumpkin puree and turkey. When it’s time to eat, leave for the day, or to welcome guests into your home, a stuffed KONG Classic is the way to go. 

Get in the Holiday Spirit with KONG Club

Whether you want to treat your pup this holiday season, prevent them from barking and begging, or help them handle holiday visitors, KONG Club has your back with access to pet experts, vets and nutritionists to help you solve any holiday stress issues! Stuff a KONG Classic and your dog will enjoy playtime for hours. It’ll also keep them still for the Christmas card photo. Which reminds us, once Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for gift shopping. We might be biased, but may we suggest a KONG Club digital membership as a stocking stuffer this year? Click here to order!