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12 Unique Christmas Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

KONG Holiday Cozie Moose

It’s that time of the year again. The snow is falling (maybe), and the bells are ringing (or maybe that’s just your cat’s collar).

Before we start wrapping presents to put under the tree, we need to decide what to get for the dogs and dog lovers in our life.

Read on for how to be the ultimate Santa Paws:

What Are the Best Gifts for Dog Lovers?

As you look over your list (and check it twice) of who you need to purchase gifts for, you probably have at least one person who is near impossible to shop for. You are in luck if this person is a fellow dog lover, and you’ll be able to get them the perfect gift. A KONG Club Subscription is a great gift that keeps giving all year long.

Your hard-to-buy-for recipient will love the personalization and 24/7 support for all their pet questions and issues. From behavior to health to nutrition, KONG Club’s team is available to listen and create custom action plans for you and your pet.

What Are the Best Toy for Dogs?

The Purpose of Dog Toys: Not Just Fun and Games

The toys you give to your pup serve the purpose of keeping them mentally and physically engaged. If our dogs don’t have an outlet for their energy, they may become bored.

Boredom can also lead to destructive behaviors, like gnawing on an antique chair leg or your favorite pair of designer flip-flops. It can even become dangerous if your pup decides that the lamp cord looks like the perfect thing to sink their teeth into.

If your dog is experiencing boredom, they may up their Houdini-esque escape attempts so they can see what else is out there. If you suspect your pet is getting into shenanigans due to boredom, toys are the pawfect solution. Toys can help your pup focus their attention on something much more constructive and fun.

Pets need play, and finding the right way to facilitate that need can be tricky. The wrong toy can make a mess or not entertain your pet at all. And, if your pet likes to play a little rough, then something durable is needed to keep up with their tugs and gnaws. The right toy that fits their play type ensures they’re getting the most out of their toy.

Pets need play, and finding the right way to facilitate that need can be tricky. The wrong toy can make a mess or not entertain your pet at all. And, if your pet likes to play a little rough, then something durable is needed to keep up with their tugs and gnaws. The right toy that fits their play type ensures they’re getting the most out of their toy.

Toys Designed to Meet Dogs’ Natural Instincts

KONG’s toys are developed to appeal to your dog’s wolf-like natural instincts of chewing, foraging, pouncing, and digging. When your dog has had ample time for play and stimulation, they will be relaxed and calm and not looking for another outlet to play with instead (literally and figuratively!)

Carefully-crafted toys ensure that our dog’s mental and physical stimulation needs are met. Toys give your dog something to do and keep them from becoming too lazy and lethargic. Being active can also help keep away the extra pounds that may come along with alternating between eating and napping on the couch day after day.

You’ll still want to incorporate exercise for your dog, but there are plenty of toys to play with outside and keep your dogs busy and happily running around. Ideally, you will want your dog to have at least 45-60 minutes of active exercise time a day. Consult your dog’s veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s daily exercise needs.

Gifts Galore

Check out our favorite Christmas gifts to give to our dogs and dog lovers:

KONG Classic

You can never go wrong with the KONG that started it all. The KONG Classic is a staple for your dog’s chewing and playful instincts. The toy is made in the USA and is composed of natural rubber. The toy’s distinctive shape allows it to erratically bounce around, much to your dog’s enjoyment.

It has the added bonus of a hollow space that can be stuffed with kibble, small treats, peanut butter, or our very own Easy Treat™, the dog version of cheese in a can. Classics never go out of style; your dog will have the best time with this staple.

Squeezz Line

If one of your dog’s favorite pastimes is playing fetch, the Squeezz® Stick will have them begging you for some quality fetch time 24/7. Conveniently coming in two different sizes depending on how big your pupper is, they’ll love the squeezy texture and squeaker inside.

Even if the squeaker is punctured, it will still work! That is welcome news for those dogs who can destroy a squeaker in a matter of minutes. The Squeezz Stick has proven to be so popular that there are now various shapes, like the Squeezz® Ring, that will satisfy your dog if they are partial to a particular shape.

Do you and your pup love the material the Squeezz Stick and Ring but want something designed for a little more interactive play? The Squeezz® Dumbbell with Rope is the perfect combination of the original Squeezz Stick, but with added rope for some fun tug and pull play.

Hopz Ball

Balls are great and treats are very nice. However, the tippy tapping that comes in when you combine both ball and treat into an interactive toy is absolutely precious.

The Hopz Ball is a treat-dispensing toy that keeps your pup engaged and encourages their natural foraging instincts. Its unique shape will keep the ball moving unpredictably while your dog is challenged mentally on how to get a tasty morsel out of the chamber.

Lock It

Does dinner time need to be made more fun? Is weight management something that has been recommended? The Lock-It 3-PK Puzzle is a solution to help meal time be a little more fun. Fill each sphere with kibble or treats, and then lock each unit together to create a mentally stimulating puzzle that will keep your dog engaged while they nosh.

The puzzle is a fantastic food bowl alternative for those dogs who may need to slim down a little. The puzzle slows down feeding time, which can help with weight management. Of course, you’ll want to consult your veterinarian on types of kibble and if slow eating will be beneficial for your dog’s particular goals.

The different size pods can hold various amounts of kibble, allowing you to use the puzzle as a treat or to dispense their meal. Either way, your dog will absolutely love the challenge of getting every morsel out.


Did you have a stuffy as a child? Remember how much comfort it brought you? Your dog may also love having the comfort of a stuffy as they go to sleep.

KONG has a specially designed stuffie for your dog, appropriately named Cozie. The whole crew, including favorites like Elmer Elephant, Baily Dog, and Marvin Moose, are designed for snuggle time and comfort.

These Cozies are ideal for indoor play and snuggle sessions on the sofa or in your dog’s crate when it is naptime. They are soft and cuddly, and your dog will love the squeaker inside. The Cozie is fortified with extra material for strength against chewers. Each Cozie comes in a range of sizes, so your dog will have a perfectly sized pal for snuggle sessions.


Although the warm spring and summer months may feel a long way off, it is always a great idea to be prepared for a swim day. The KONG Aqua pairs the classic KONG toy shape with a floating foam core and rope support for easy retrieval from any body of water. If your pup is a water lover, they’ll enjoy swimming out to retrieve the KONG Aqua and bringing it back to you.

KONG Belly Flops

Are you looking forward to the hot days of summer when you see your dog running towards the pool, beach, or pond, and they make the biggest belly flop in the water? They are so full of joy and love playing with you.

Our KONG Belly Flops™ Starfish can be thrown into the water and will float and spin to engage and stimulate your dog. Each smiling starfish is made with soft yet strong material for many hours of long-lasting fun in the sun and waves.

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

If this is your puppy’s first Christmas, teething is sure to be a source of concern in the house.

You know your pup’s gums must be sore, and you want to give them something to chew on other than your belongings. KONG comes to the rescue with the specially designed Puppy Teething Stick™.

The stick has intentionally-designed ridges that gently clean teeth and soothe sore gums. Just like our KONG Classic, you can fill the ridges with Easy Treat or peanut butter to make a fun and tasty chew session. Once your puppy has reached nine months, they can graduate to the classic KONG toys for their future chew sessions (they grow up so fast!).

Duratreat Ring

A gift for both you and your dog. When you are working from home and need to keep your pet distracted or need some quiet time, this KONG Duratreat™ Ring will be just the toy to keep your dog focused and stimulated.

This durable rubber ring has grooves that fit pieces of kibble and small treats, or you can put in a squeeze of Easy Treat to further tempt your good boy or good girl. Your fur baby will get to fulfill their natural chewing instincts, and you can sit through another virtual meeting without having to mute yourself every time your dog barks.

KONG Wubba

Is your dog a run and fetch fiend? Make playtime more interesting with the KONG Wubba™. Its long and floppy tails are ideal for flinging the toy far across the park or yard. The twist on the classic ball shape makes the Wubba bounce in a new way every time, keeping your dog on their paws trying to figure out which direction they need to go.

When your dog needs a break from all the running and fetching, you can play a game of tug of war. The Wubba™ is tough, durable, and exciting. Plus, we added a squeaker to keep your dog coming back for more.

DuraSoft Clover

A ball is always a classic favorite for our furry pals, especially when that ball has an unusual shape and texture to it. Since our dogs like to carry things in their mouth, they may enjoy different sensations and textures to chew on. The KONG DuraSoft Clover ball put these two ideas together to make a toy that your dog will certainly have long-lasting playing sessions with.

The DuraSoft Clover ball also floats for those water-loving doggos and bounces to keep things fresh. It is available in assorted sizes, so your dog can be a part of the fun no matter what size they are. No one wants to be left out of the pack; small and big dogs can come together and give the dog park something to remember.

Cruncheez Flyer

The plastic frisbee is so 1950s. Plastic frisbees are often too lightweight for our adventurous pups. And, even worse, the hard and brittle plastic is no friend to their teeth. That’s why we’re bringing the frisbee shape into the 21st century with this next offering.

If your dog is a fly-through-the-air-extraordinaire, they will absolutely love the KONG Cruncheez™ Flyer. This throwing disc is not only durable enough to fling all over the place for your dog to catch, but it also has crunching and crackling noises that your dog will love to hear and feel with their mouth.

You’ll love watching your dog turn into an acrobat catching this flyer through the air. Even dogs who love to sit and lounge will be tempted off the couch, which is the true Christmas miracle.


Christmas with KONG Club

While Christmas is a favorite time for many across the world, your dog will love the festivities as well. So many new people coming over for get-togethers means new friends, lots of pats, and maybe a sneaky pig in the blanket here and there. Your dog will be certain to steal the show with their cute looks and sweet personality.

Help keep your dog engaged and their energy to normal levels by making time to play with them and for regular exercise. You’ll love having your relaxed and calm dog as part of the holiday festivities, and they’ll enjoy the extra time they will get to spend with their favorite human.

KONG toys are perfect for keeping your dog engaged mentally and physically so they are ready to welcome guests into your home, and they are the perfect gift to keep giving. Whether you gift for yourself or other dog lovers, our collection of specially-designed pet toys appeals to your dog’s natural instincts.

A KONG Club membership will give you 24/7 access to vet professionals who can help you keep your pet healthy and happy.  Being a member of the KONG Club gives you teh peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your pet living their very best life!

Sign up today and become a member of the KONG Club for a truly out-of-the-box Christmas gift.



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