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woman giving dog Kong Classic toy

6 Ways to Help an Anxious Dog

Some dogs are just anxious, and there are a lot of reasons for it. Some are naturally anxious, others have some type of separation anxiety and still, others may have
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how to help hyper dog

5 Dogs That Can Be Hyper & How To Help That

KONG Box has been working with dog owners for nearly 50 years, and during that time we’ve heard a lot of stories about dogs that are extremely high-energy. Our products
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girl and dog playing with KONG Classic dog toy

4 Easy Ways to Help With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Dog owners know what it’s like to leave the house, only to come home and see that half of the living room has been destroyed. After the initial burst of
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dog resting on floor

How Playtime Can Ease a Dog’s Anxiety

Even the happiest dogs can experience anxiety but playtime can be an effective dog anxiety treatment. Let’s take a look at why your dog may be anxious and what you
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dog playing with KONG dog toy

Keep Your Pup Busy With Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys stimulate your dog on a mental and physical level. Learn how these toys help banish boredom, ease anxiety, control weight, & more here!
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woman and child playing with dog and KONG

The Importance of Play When Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing a dog can be difficult, but it’s a must if you want your dog to get along with other dogs and humans. Learn more on how to socialize your
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