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Top 7 Cat Chew Toys To Try

By offering your cat the right toys, you can get them to stop nipping your furniture and fingers for good. Nipping and biting fingers is not always an aggressive gesture. In fact, oftentimes, it simply means that your cat wants to play with you.

Luckily, we have some suggestions that will help you get the process started. Let’s review the best cat chew toys out there and how to bring joy to your feline friend.

How Can You Stop a Cat From Chewing Your Furniture?

The urge to chew is a natural instinct for cats, just like it is for many animals. This instinct has been passed down through countless generations of big cats, eventually making its way to your furry friend. Due to this, you cannot train this desire out of your cat.

However, just because you can’t train the urge to chew out your cat does not mean that your belongings have to pay the price. The key to keeping your furniture and personal items safe is to change your expectations to something more realistic.

Cats will never stop nipping and chewing, so the best course of action is to provide them with tools for success.

Oftentimes, when a cat resorts to chewing at wires or nipping at your fingers, it is because they want to play. Being playful is a healthy and adorable trait for any kitty to have. You can help them do so safely by offering them a variety of toys made specifically for them.

This is where the KONG Club subscription comes into play. Cats can become bored day after day (just like us, their pet parents!). Animal enrichment helps prevent unwanted and destructive behaviors. With KONG Club you’ll have access to all the help and info you need about why on Earth your cat does the things they do with the KONG Club app. You can talk with or call up animal behaviorists, nutritionists, and vets who will help build Personalized Pet Plans for every feline need.for any question 24/7, no wait needed.

What Should You Look for in a Cat’s Chew Toy?

Since cat chew toys are somewhat less common than dog chew toys, people can sometimes be at a loss for what to look for. The truth is, there are a lot of similarities and plenty of options for all of our furbabies.

For cat chew toys, you are going to want to prioritize a few different traits in particular:

  • Make sure that the toy is durable and tough.
  • It is a large bonus if a chew toy actively cleans their teeth during play.
  • Of course, the toy should be made of safe, nonhazardous materials
  • Double-check that the toy is the right size for your cat or kitten. Otherwise, it could pose a potential choking hazard.
  • Some toys may include catnip to keep your kitty entertained for longer.
  • Crinkling or other sounds might make the toy even more enticing.
  • Fun patterns and colors can help your cat stay engaged.
  • Certain toys have the ability to be filled with their favorite cat treats.

Without further ado, here are just a few of our favorite cat chew toys that your furry feline friend will love!

1. Kitty KONG

The Kitty KONG is a classic, and it is easy to see why. The toy can be tossed or simply left alone for your cat to explore. If you do choose to throw it, the Kitty KONG’s unpredictable bounce pattern will keep your cat guessing and engaged. If it is left on the floor or another play-friendly surface, it can be filled with treats to make the toy that much more exciting.

By putting treats inside this toy, you encourage your cat to inspect the item. Once they get the treats out, the feeling of accomplishment will have them coming back for more. The Kitty KONG is not only an excellent chew toy but also a wonderful means of mental stimulation for your pet.

This toy is entertaining enough on its own, and this is when surprising bounces can be especially fun. Otherwise, you can put catnip into the toy. After all, what cat doesn’t like some good catnip from time to time?

If you do not know exactly where to start when it comes to catnip, don’t worry.

2. KONG Botanicals Variety 3-Pack

Remember two seconds ago when we said that we have the perfect catnip options for you? Well, it is time for us to make good on that promise. The Botanicals Catnip Variety 3-Pack comes complete with three different kinds of catnip for your cat to try. The benefits do not stop there, though.

This 3-pack comes complete with different aromatic blends that will appeal to you and your cat. Sweet and Calming lavender is a lovely scent that soothes your furry friend into total relaxation.

Meanwhile, the Fresh and Lively Lemongrass blend will help your cat direct their energy into rambunctious play, keeping your furniture safe. Lastly, Cool and Minty Valerian Root will give your cat that extra burst of energy they need to give playtime their all.

Depending on the time, our cats could all use a little extra pep in their step or a dose of tranquility. By adding the KONG Botanicals Variety 3-Pack into their daily routine or putting some in their toys, you are giving them just that.

3. KONG Nibble Critter Catnipillar

If you have been waiting for a cat chew toy that is equal parts adorable and effective, this might just be the one for you(r cat).

The KONG Nibble Critter Catnipillar is specifically designed to be irresistible for your cat, no matter how they like to play. More than that, the textured material on the Catnipillar cleans and polishes teeth. (And finally, it makes for absolutely adorable pictures.)

4. Infused Cat Gyro

Some notably food-motivated kitties will dive head-first into their food the moment it is available. While this might seem all well and good at the moment, anyone who has had to clean up the consequences knows that is not the case.

We have the perfect option on our toy menu for pet parents looking for a way to help their cats slow down while eating. The Infused™ Cat Gyro is a toy and feeder all in one. You can choose to put your cat’s food or some of their favorite treats inside this toy. And let the games begin.

This toy can be chewed, batted, swatted, or anything else your cat wants to do with it. Truly, the only limits are your cat’s imagination. Since they have to work to dispense the food or treats, they are guaranteed to eat slower while engaging their minds — a win-win.

5. Crackles Rootz

The KONG Crackles Rootz toys might not dispense treats, but they do dispense loads of fun! These assorted toys look like root vegetables, making it even that much cuter when your cat inevitably begins to chew on them. They are made in fun, exciting colors and come complete with a crinkle noise that your cat can activate.

Not only that, but they also feature a feather feature that adds to the realism of the leaves. In your cat’s mind, they see that feather as an added incentive to play. They are seasoned with KONG North American Premium Catnip, making these toys all the more delectable to your pet.

6. Cat Active Scrunchie

The Cat Active Scrunchie by KONG comes complete with a plethora of different textures and sensations to enjoy. Of course, that is in addition to the many exciting colors it sports that will get your cat ready to play. It’s so cute that you might just be tempted to wear it yourself.

This toy also comes complete with an added crinkle and bell sound that no cat would be able to resist. Plus, it’s infused with KONG’s premium catnip to encourage prolonged play.

7. Crackles & Cheez Mouse

For a two-pack of chew toys that will delight both your kitty and your wallet, look no further than Crackles & Cheez. The crackling and crinkling sounds will have your cat playing throughout the day so that they are ready to snuggle up with you at night.

These catnip-infused toys are perfect for grab-and-catch play. As a result, they can easily be thrown for a rousing game of cat fetch that will even make your dog jealous.

Something To Chew On

We all love our cats. After all, they are furry, snuggly, purring little creatures. What is there not to like?

Well, the sharp teeth might be slightly lower on the list of things we love about cats. Cats’ teeth are perfect for capturing prey, as they regularly do in the wild as obligate carnivores.

Those sharp little chompers are somewhat less useful when there is little to chew other than your furniture or fingers. Once you give your cat the proper tools and toys to chew on, they’ll be ready to leave your belongings alone.


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